Monday, 21 September 2015

Danish Pulp Haul, Part # 4:
No One’s Ark.

These three editions all come courtesy of Ark’s Forlag (‘Ark Publishers’), who seemed to cater to the same market as Winther for a slightly earlier era.

As to the artwork, I have no idea, but none of it shows up on google searches under the novels’ original titles, at least.

by Henry Holt
Original title: ‘The Midnight Mail’

The fortieth entry in the ‘Scotland Yard’ series, which seems to have comprised reprints of various early British crime novels, insofar as I can tell.

Despite being un auteur britannique de roman policier, Henry Holt (1879 – 1962) currently only seems to possess a French Wikipedia page. Go figure. ‘The Midnight Mail’ was originally published in 1931.

Conquest: Vender Hjem 
by Berkeley Gray
Original title: ‘Conquest Goes Home’

Adventure number fifty four (!) for Berkeley Gray’s ‘Norman Conquest’, who will presumably need to do some dusting and air the place out a bit.

Rendezvous med Doden
by Martin Thomas
Original Title: ‘Date With Danger’

Sexton Blake no. 121, blah.

100 Krone says the cover to this one was traced from some old movie stills, in something of a hurry. Again, unreadable signature taunts us at bottom right.

This post concludes our investigations into the world of Danish pulp fiction for the present, but, in closing, I can’t resist the opportunity for another cheap snigger at the Danes’ singular manner of ending their stories.

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