Monday, 15 July 2013

Pelican Time:
The Victorian Underworld
by Kellow Chesney

(Gustave Doré)

(Illustrated London News, 1852)

(George Cruickshank)

(‘Preparing for an execution at Newgate, 1848’. Mansell Collection.)

(‘A Spree in a Railway Carriage’, about 1850. Mansell Collection.)

(Gustave Doré)

(From ‘The Day’s Doings’, about 1870. Mansell Collection.)

A comprehensive and no doubt endless fascinating & astounding volume, which I am very much looking forward to reading properly when time allows. All illustrations are contemporary to the period, credited as above.


dfordoom said...

An excellent book. Well worth reading.

Bollops said...

Aye, I second that! There's lots of great stuff in there, a lot of it involving excrement.