Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mutiny in Space
by Avram Davidson

(Pyramid, 1969)

By way of a blatant – though hopefully not unenjoyable – filler post whilst assorted summer holiday business keeps me from the writing desk, let me present this archetypal example of two-fisted sci-fi (‘planet of the amazons’ / ‘war of the sexes’ sub-division).

Originally published in Worlds of Tomorrow magazine in August 1964 under the title ‘Valentine’s Planet’, the, uh, charmingly unpretentious artwork for this Pyramid edition comes courtesy of Jack Gaughan.

Probably a bit of a quickie for Gaughan, we might surmise, as the accomplished and somewhat expressionistic covers he provided for such authors as A.E.Von Vogt, Jack Vance and some US Moorcock editions are frequently a joy to behold. (You can click through to this post on the Monster Brains blog to get a full eyeful of his talents.)

Plus, bonus thrill! A pull-out ad for the Science Fiction Book Club!

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