Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Quick Question.

Well you can hopefully see the poll question I've posted above. I picked up a few tickets today for films that are showing as part of London Frightfest over the August bank holiday weekend, and found myself poised over the button that would allow me to drop eleven clams on a chance to see 'The Wicker Tree'.

I've managed to miss all the pre-release publicity, and didn't realise it had even been filmed yet to be honest, so what's the word knowledgeable readers? Forty years later, same director at least? Could it possibly work?

I'll keep the poll open for a few days for a laugh, but I'll probably have to make my decision fairly pronto if I want to get a seat (assuming it's not long sold out already).

The trailer streaming off the website looks nuts, but whether that's good-nuts or bad-nuts remains to be seen.

Sorry for recent lack of updates by the way. Blame summer, in short.


deadlydolls said...

The Wicker Man is my third favorite film of all time. Sure, it will be a rare feat for lightning to strike twice, but no matter what, you're probably in for a pretty unique ride.

Do it.

revsven said...

Ben - before doing anything Wicker Man related, track down a slice of obscure British, early-70's Dark Folk called "Graveyard" by a band called "Forest". I heard it for the first time earlier this evening, and it's just blown me sideways! It's, er, strangely haunting, Panic and appropriate.

Ben said...

Hey, thanks for the recommendation! I don't know that band/record, but yeah, sounds great... will investigate.

Thanks for your Wicker-enthusiasm too Emily - you'll be pleased to hear I just took your advice and picked up a ticket... I forgot to get one earlier in the week and thought it probably would have sold out, but looks like there are actually plenty of seats left. Sure bodes well for the European premiere of a big long-awaited type movie...

Still, as you say, even if the film turns out to be a disaster of legendary proportions, it's sure to be an experience.

deadlydolls said...

Can't wait to hear about it!

Horror Author Vanessa Morgan said...

Just started following you on GFC. Come and say 'Hi!' if you have the chance. I will most probably go to Frightfest too this year; I'm especially looking forward to The Wicker Tree and The Woman.

Ben said...

Hello Vanessa - good to know ya.

Like last year, I've shelled out for a day ticket for the Sunday of Frightfest, so will go for a four-movies-in-one-day marathan if I feel up to it, plus individual screenings of "Wicker Tree" and "Troll Hunter" on the Saturday. Hanging around in a Leciester Square multiplex is never really my idea of fun, but I'm looking forward to the movies themselves!