Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Danish Pulp Haul, Part # 2:
Winther’s Tales.

The following books all originate from a publisher named Winther, who seemed to rule the roost when it came to translated action / detective pulps in late ‘70s Denmark. All art is uncredited, natch, and all unique to these editions, insofar as I can tell.

Ulven: Rdder Sydstaterne 
(‘Ulven: Confederate Roots’?)
by Mike Barry
Original title: ‘The Killing Run’

This one initially had me baffled, but some creative googling reveals that ‘Mike Barry’ is a pen name of science fiction writer Barry N. Malzberg, who wrote fourteen entries in the ‘Lone Wolf’ series – of which this is presumably part - between 1973 and 1975. Quite an interesting fellow, by the sound of it.

Forskellen er Ents
by Hank Janson
Original title: ‘Same Difference’

I am endlessly delighted by the heroine’s “just popped up from the beach – uh-oh, gun fight!” appearance on this cover. Clearly a good woman to have on your side, concerns re: where she keeps her gat notwithstanding.

Mord I Mexico 
(no translation needed here, I’m assuming)
Original title: ‘The Coyote Connection’

I appreciate this one’s status as a noble exception to the “all guns must be firing all the time” rule of ‘70s/’80s ‘action’ illustrations.

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