Monday, 3 September 2012

Sub-Machine Gun.

A great honour was bestowed upon me this weekend, as renowned blogging polymath Unmann-Wittering (Island of Terror, Mounds & Circles, This Is Not The Universe) invited me to contribute to a new weblog.

The idea is simple: sub-titled screengrabs in all their surreal, puerile, beautiful glory. Posted one per day, and continuing up until such a point as people in foreign language films stop saying ridiculous things, and long-suffering translators cease typing them over the top in English.

Pointless? Simple-minded? Yeah, probably, but I know I never cease to get a kick out of the strange word/image disjunction that out-of-context subtitles can provide us with, and I hope you can enjoy it on some level too.

As far as my own contributions go, there’ll likely be a few that I’ve posted here in the past, a few ‘greatest hits’ from my tumblr, and a lot more that I’ll be posting for the first time.

Dig in.

1 comment:

kd said...

these are awesome, love those familiar cheapo fonts too.