Monday, 26 October 2020

Spells and Incantations:
Being Thee 10th Annual Stereo Sanctity/
Breakfast in the Ruins Halloween Mix CD.

 [Cross-posted with Stereo Sanctity.]

As we kick off Halloween week, here, as tradition demands, is a just-under-80-minute mix of ragin’, unholy audio to get you in the mood for whatever safely socially distanced blasphemous rites and abhorrent festivities yourself and your household support bubble/coven have planned this year.

Given that this is the tenth instalment in the series (research gleaned from the long-shuttered archives suggests that the first occurred back in 2008, but that I skipped both 2018 and 2019), you’ll appreciate that the back catalogues of the true greats of Horror-Rock have already been thoroughly tapped by this point, but, as so often in life, metal has stepped up to save the day.

Betwixt the riffage, we also dip a disfigured toe or two into the faddish yet undeniably appealing waters of ‘dungeon synth’, and explore a wide range of atavistic diabolism during the first half, before a brief diversion into lycanthropy ushers us into some unspeakable realms of cosmic terror, concluding with a nod to everyone’s favourite Obeah Man. Dare you stand before the altar and offer up your mortal soul? Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, a quick click on the mixcloud ‘play’ button is all it takes.

Alternatively though, if you miss the riskier business of getting naked and throwing questionable fluids around the place, the old school mp3 download link below the tracklist may prove more to your liking.

(As usual, bands and artists who are still a going concern and deserve your support have been linked below as appropriate.)


00:00 One’s blessing...
00:59 Debbie Lyndsey - Spells and Incantations 
03:46 Aggressive Perfector - Onward to the Cemetery 
09:06 Midnight - Rebirth by Blasphemy 
12:15 Blood Ceremony - Witchwood 
19:12 Dream Division - The Gateway of the Pit 
21:32 Witchfinder General - Witchfinder General 
25:20 Dream Division - The Ancient Sanctuary 
26:49 Shooting Guns - Silver Bullet Remix 
32:27 Horse - The Sacrifice 
38:39 Ennio Morricone - Magic and Ecstasy 
41:33 Ted Dicks - Virgin Witch # 9 
46:37 Eskaton - Dagon 
56:34 Ogre - Hillside Necropolis 
58:56 Candlemass - Demon’s Gate 
1:08:02 Sunn O))) - It Took The Night To Believe 
1:14:00 Exuma - Exuma’s Reincarnation 
    ((( Download link. )))

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