Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Horror Express 2020 intro.

 As you will have noted, October begins tomorrow.

So, it stands to reason that the annual Breakfast in the Ruins horror-movie-reviewing marathon – now renamed ‘Horror Express’, because I like the name and logo I came up with (ie, stole) earlier this year and want to do something with them – will also be kicking off tomorrow.

I appreciate of course that this particular October seems liable to prove an especially stressful and trying time for people across the globe, for a number of borderline apocalyptic reasons. Less apocalyptically, it promises to be a fairly busy month for me personally also, and thus I haven’t managed to put in as much advance preparation for October’s posts as I would normally wish to. As such, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to keep up my traditional one-post-every-two-days marathon schedule - but I’ll do my best.

I also understand that some may feel that bantering about old horror movies should not be anyone’s priority whilst so much heavy shit is going down out there in the real world, but what can I tell you… this blog exists largely for the purposes of escapism, and the older I get, the more value I place in escapism. Putting some time aside each day to engage with the kind of culture I write about here is my therapy, more or less, and I hope that, through joining me in my cobwebbed mental escape pod, others may be able to find a similar happy place in the midst of their day-to-day.

So, crank up your preferred media-playing device, pour yourself a stiff drink, and let’s enjoy the ol’ countdown to Samhain as per usual. Please just don’t spend so long thinking about old horror movies that you forget to feed your cat, wash your hands, be kind to your neighbours and vote against loathsome, simple-minded demagogues – that’s all I ask.

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