Thursday, 30 April 2020

Horror Express: Series Intro.

No real explanations needed here I hope, but in case anyone was disappointed to discover that I’m not publishing an extended series of posts dedicated to everyone’s favourite ‘Cushing & Lee meet Telly Savalas and fight zombie Cossacks on the Trans-Siberian Express’ epic, I thought I’d best just drop a quick note to clarify that, as a way of getting back into the habit of writing about movies during these inevitably lifestyle-altering times, I’m planning to start posting a bunch of short(ish), self-contained reviews of horror (and adjacent genre) films – much like I do in October. I will stick these under the series title ‘Horror Express’, and perhaps eventually rope in a load of old posts under that heading too, in order to tidy up the links in the sidebar a bit. Exciting stuff, right? I’ll be getting underway tomorrow anyway, aiming at one or two posts a week.

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