Thursday, 30 May 2019

Just a Quick Note... let you know that I had been planning to share a few more paperback scans with you over the next few weeks, to cover the time I'll be out of the country. Unfortunately however, a few days before I went on my holidays, my trusty old laptop pretty much packed in, severely limiting my ability to carry out computer-related tasks.

Researching, buying and setting up a replacement will have to wait until I get back in June, and could prove an ardous process, given my fervently held belief that home computing technology reached its peak in about 2006. Actually, my old printer/scanner is on it's last legs too, so I should probably get a new one of those whilst I'm at it, so.... what I'm trying to say is, there could be delays. My apologies in advance. Blame the devil-gods of Built-in Obselescence.


Erich Kuersten said...

get a Mac - them things last forever

Ben said...

Well that's the thing you see.... I was planning to keep my 2006 Mac for posterity (for music stuff at least, perhaps picking up another cheap laptop for internet things), but after a swift decline over the past few months, the start-up memory has now become so knackered that I can't even control the cursor or click on things properly anymore... which is pretty much the end of the line.

Sad times, but 13 years loyal service isn't bad going I suppose, so I shouldn't really be making cheap cracks about "planned obselescence". Probably the equivalent lifespan to some solid, olden times steel n' wood object, were you to give it a good hammering every single day.