Friday, 12 May 2017

Lost 0bjects.

For the past five years or so, I have been a reader of, and contributor to, the collective blog Found 0bjects, until recently located at

Unfortunately however, it has disappeared this week – presumably deleted or (here’s hoping) removed from view by an unknown person with admin rights.

Discussions between contributors have thus far drawn a blank re: establishing what happened, but, given that the blog was still regularly visited and intermittently updated, and that it contained a huge backlog of interesting content, it seems a shame for it to have been arbitrarily terminated.

If any readers here have any further info (or mere speculation) on the condition or whereabouts of Found 0bjects therefore, please let me know via the usual channels. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, and if it turns out someone is holding it hostage – let us know, we can talk.

Thanks for your time.



it's really awful. such a lot of great esoterica, British tat, images and memoradelic curios. wonder who did it, and why

Ben said...

Thanks for your comment Simon. And yes, it's a really awful turn of events. I recall there was an issue on there a while back re: someone with admin rights deleting other people's posts without explanation - the culprit was never identified, so it seems logical to assume the same person has struck again.

Frustratingly, I really don't know what we can do about it beyond just approaching any contributors we have contact details for and asking if they know anything...

Between Channels said...

Sad. I can't remember what I posted and probably can't locate the original source material multiple house moves later.