Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Back to Normal.

Contains infrequent nudity and moderate horror.

As some helpful readers pointed out to me in the comments to my previous post, at the exact same time I was penning my self-righteous diatribe against Blogger’s change of policy re: adult content, Blogger were in fact busy withdrawing said policy, having received what I assume to be a vast quantity of similarly negative feedback.

As a result, the images I removed from the blog’s archive have now been reinstated (with the exception of a few still missing from my early Jean Rollin reviews that I’ll have to search around in my own files to find, for reasons to tedious to go into here), and, basically, things are back to whatever passes for normal around here. Huzzah and hoorah, democracy in action etc. etc.


Chris Hewson said...

Oh thank GOD! Funny, I myself had also penned a long, detailed, and intelligently crafted email about how this new rule was breaking free speech, censorship, and would screw them over big time, but never actually sent the message, as I couldn't find Blogger's contact details. It's so good that the right thing happened anyway!

Where did you find out about this new rule being kiboshed?

Mr. Xploit, Esquire said...

Yeah it's no more, but with some bloggers the damage has already been done. Google done fucked up.