Friday, 14 November 2014

Shadow Over Mount Sharon
by Frances Y. McHugh

(Belmont Tower, 1968)

Yet another addition to my collection of ’60 / ‘70s gothic horror/romance paperbacks. I’ve pretty much given up buying these because they’re so interchangeable and there’s just so damn many of them, but the lovely cover illustration on this one won me over.


Anonymous said...

I love the pulp cliche of a décolleté heroine, distraught in front of a sinister mansion, often with just one window illuminated. There must be some decent writing in this genre. If you were going to buy just one 60's gothic romance, which one should it be?

Ben said...

I wish I could tell you, Anon.

I hate to be overly dismissive (seems to be becoming a habit when I write about books here), but from skim-reading the examples of this genre I own, it basically seems like yr standard Mills & Boon type stuff with added gothic atmos and light 'mystery' plotting.

There's a great (now defuct?) wordpress blog called Haunted Hearts dedicated to these kind of books, which might help to point you in the right direction (along with showcasing a lot of magnificent cover art):

Ben said...

'defunct', I meant to say.