Saturday, 13 September 2014

Content Warning!

 As readers who have visited this site in the past week or so will no doubt have noticed, some sensitive soul has finally hit the ‘report objectionable content’ button and subjected Breakfast In The Ruins to the imposition of one of blogger’s monolithically pointless ‘Content Warning’ pages.

No big deal really of course. Many of my favourite weblogs have had one in place for years, and to be honest, I was wondering how long I could get away with posting the kind of vaguely adult-orientated content that often predominates here without getting the dreaded warning page slapped on it. (For the record, I continue to operate this blog with a self-imposed '15' rating, even if we are skirting the NSFW boundary from time to time.)

Looking more closely at the wording on the warning page, I do find the use of the word "objectionable" is a bit galling, as it seems to imply that I'm espousing some extremist ideology or propagating deliberately offensive material or something, rather than just occasionally using curse words or posting non-explicit screen-grabs from old sexploitation films or whatever else it was that our anonymous button-pusher took umbrage with.

Oh well, never mind – at least it'll keep the riff-raff out.

And speaking of content; I’m aiming to return to a regular schedule of posting from early next week, and will do my best to keep it up. Apologies again for this summer’s posting collapse.

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