Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sub-Machine Gun Hall of Fame.

As some of you will hopefully be aware, the estimable Unmann-Wittering and myself have, for the past twelve months, been polluting the interweb with a daily dose of subtitle-related ribaldry on the Sub-Machine Gun blog.

To celebrate our dubious achievement in keeping the damn this going for a year, I thought I’d mark the occasion by posting a gallery of my personal favourite entries below, and also formally announce that, as of the start of this month, the decision was taken for us to undertake a bit of a hiatus whilst we rebuild our stockpiles of screen-grabs, perhaps reopening proceedings in the new year with a slightly more manageable posting schedule.

To aid us in this goal, and to generally widen the scope of our endeavour, I would also like to call upon you (yes, YOU, etc) to help out.

So basically, if you think you can come up with some sub-titled screenshots – whether funny, surreal, baffling or strangely moving – to compete with those displayed below, let us have ‘em. A .jpg, .png or whatever, sent straight to me at breakfastintheruins ( a ), will do the trick.

If used, we’ll credit you under whatever name you please, and will provide a link to a site of your choice. Alternatively, recommendations for sub-title rich films we should check out, including time codes or individual scenes, are welcome, and on the off chance that you’d like to consider becoming a regular contributor to the site, well.. drop me a line and we’ll talk.

In the meantime, for no reason other than that I enjoy compiling pointless statistics, here are some quick stats for our first year of operation.


Norifumi Suzuki – 24 posts
Jess Franco – 20 posts
Jean Rollin – 14 posts
Jose Mojica Marins – 14 posts
Ishiro Honda – 10 posts


Japan – 121 posts
Italy – 48 posts
France – 47 posts
Spain – 19 posts
Hong Kong – 17 posts


Anonymous said...

hello, I'd just like to ask what's the title of the movie from which "This is the end" image is taken from? thanks a lot:)

Ben said...

It's from 'Saxana', aka 'The Girl On The Broomstick' (Václav Vorlíček, 1972):