Monday, 6 August 2012

Scala Beyond.

Just thought I’d write a quick heads up for any London/UK based readers, to alert you to the existence of the Scala Beyond season – sequel to last year’s Scala Forever - which is taking place through August and September. I accidentally found myself wondering into the press launch for the season a couple of weeks back, and my heart swelled with joy to see a line-up of events even more idiosyncratic and crazed that last year – a veritable cornucopia of THE-KINDA-STUFF-WE-LIKE-AROUND-HERE, and a great chance to create/experience a kind of movie-going that’s neither Hollywood blandness nor sniffy arthouse, but just… weird and cool and good, y’know?

Because really, who could say no to the rare opportunity to sit in a public space with other people and watch stuff ranging from ‘The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein’ to ‘Kilink in Istanbul’ to ‘Q: The Winged Serpent’ to ‘Penda’s Fen’? Well… truth be told, I didn’t actually make it to many of last years screenings for various reasons, but I’m damn well going to do my damnedest to get along to as many as possible this year, so if anyone else out there is thinking of attending, by all means give me a shout.

In particular, those who share my belief that Saturday nights are best spent in a haze of whisky and pro-plus powering through stuff like ‘Lady Terminator’, ‘Messiah of Evil’ and ‘Fascination’ are encouraged to check out the listings for Filmbar70’s various all-nighters… could be quite an experience.

Oh, and there are other things happening in other UK cities too – Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham - and even out-of-town events in Cumbria, Northamptonshire etc., if you happen to live near those places.

Anyway, a full line-up of events can be perused via a handy interactive menu on the website. Good luck and god bless, etc.

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