Thursday, 10 March 2011

No Exit for a Blonde
by Lewis Michael
(Golden Fleece Books, 1967)

Um, I hate to point out the obvious, but there seems to be a certain disconnection between title and cover art going on here…

Pity, because the illustration (signed ‘Mario’) is an absolute doozy of ‘60s girlie art.

I love the title too – one of the those brilliantly meaningless cut n’ paste phrases that you only get from pulp books; “No, there’s no exit for you this time baby – you’ve brought this sorry fate upon yourself with your treacherous, self-serving ways and… what’s that? You’re a redhead? Oh, I’m sorry, my mistake – go right on through…”

Actually, everything about this book seems slightly ‘off’. Although published in the UK, it was printed in Italy, and is in a different format from most Anglo-American paperbacks – slightly wider, taller and thinner… like an Italian fumetti or giallo perhaps? (It’s yellow too!)

Golden Fleece seems to have been a terminally obscure imprint, turning up no info at all on a quick google search, and perhaps one reason for this is that “No Exit For a Blonde” reads like it was thrown together by a fourteen year old kid for a school project, featuring about ten exclamation marks per page (not always in dialogue) and set out in a wobbly, old fashioned typeface full of weird punctuation dysfunctions.

I mean, just check out the back cover ferchrissake;

Yeah, I’m definitely getting that “English as second language” vibe.

Here’s the other Golden Fleece scan I found by the way;

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