Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Back in Business.

Before I (attempt to) get back into a regular posting schedule tomorrow, I just thought I’d drop in a quick note to say thanks so much to everyone who read or commented upon my October Horrors posts last month, ort dropped me an email – it’s always hugely appreciated, and I’m really happy that this blog continues to attract such an enthusiastic and insightful response from readers; that’s more rewarding than any amount of google-boosted visitor numbers, to be honest.

I’m very sorry that I didn’t get around to replying to everyone’s comments – I was a bit busy at the start of this month, and pretty much took a couple of weeks off from the entire internet to be honest (it was quite nice). I’ve got the train back on the track now however (or whatever other clunky metaphor you favour), and hope I’ll be able to get some good content lined up leading up to xmas and…. dear god, it’s going to be 2020 soon, isn’t it? Pretty much all of our favourite science fiction movies now take place in the past. Takes some getting used to.

Anyway – new posts starting tomorrow hopefully, and humble thanks again for your continued interest.

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