Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Obligatory ‘Apologies’ Post.

Big Tambo selects his summer reading.

So, I just thought I’d drop a quick line to regular readers to apologise for the complete collapse of my aspirational once-a-week posting regime over the summer.

Rest assured, there has been no particular reason for this. Over the past five years, I’ve managed to keep this blog ticking over nicely in the face of a number of momentous, challenging and potentially disruptive life changes, only to find things stalling over the past few months due to… nothing whatsoever really. I’ve just been a bit, y’know, busy with this and that. Nothing exciting. I haven’t even moved house, as the delightful pic above implies – we just had to move some book shelves for a couple of days to do some work on the windows.

Admittedly, I probably haven’t helped matters by embarking on a number of rambling, time-consuming multi-film reviews (1, 2) whilst neglecting to spend any time sweating over the scanner doing some quick paperback posts to fill up the space in-between. And, when I have done some book posts recently, I’ve found myself actually reading and writing about the damn things (1, 2), which of course just slows things down even further.

Well, so it goes. Just thought I’d reassure you that this blog is still alive and kicking, anyway. My enthusiasm for writing about movies and books remains undiminished, and, despite the increasingly post-apocalyptic state of the weblog landscape, this is the format in which I most enjoy doing it (which is not to say I’d turn my nose up at an offer to, say, do a book or something, BUT HEY). In fact, if the "blogosphere" does go full-on survivalist, I’m good at digging my heels in, so I’m all for it. I’m sure we must have the interweb equivalent of a stream and a potato patch around here somewhere, so praise the lord and pass the ammunition.

On a more immediate level meanwhile, I’m already gearing up for a second year of no nonsense October horror reviews leading up to Halloween, aiming for a post every two days through the month. I had great fun with this last year, so hope I’ll be able to keep up the pace. So, uh, apologies again for the lack of activity here recently, and WATCH THIS SPACE, etc.

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