Monday, 9 February 2015

Psychedelic Sci-Fi Round-up:
Time’s Last Gift
by Philip Jose Farmer

(Panther, 1975)

Last but not least in this series, we couldn’t very well have a Psychedelic Sci-Fi Round Up without a bit of Philip Jose Farmer, could we?

The pleasantly mind-bending cover Illustration is by Peter Tybus, who did a lot of similarly eye-catching ‘70s Penguin SF covers, but it also very much reminds me of Bob Haberfield, a few of whose Moorcock covers can be seen in this 2012 post.

I’ve also got the respect the way that the front cover art and back cover blurb here do exactly what they set to do: take a book I otherwise might not have looked twice at, and make me want to read it immediately. What did those tapes reveal? If it’s anything like Tybus’s illustration, these 173 pages must be quite a ride…

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