Sunday, 27 April 2014

Penguin Crime Time:
The Widows of Broome
by Arthur Upfield

(1962 / first published 1951)

Cover design by John Sewell.

Despite not knowing much about the author or his work, I think Arthur Upfield’s Australian crime novels sound quite interesting – an impression that is aided somewhat by the wonderfully creepy, sci-fi-ish cover illustration on this particular edition, which I’m planning to get stuck into during my flight to Japan this month. That’s eleven hours in the air, so here’s hoping Mr. Upfield’s prose is up to snuff. (Don’t worry readers, I’ll also be packing an Elmore Leonard and a Graham Greene, in case ‘The Widows of Broome’ proves a bust.)

Actually, by the miracle of pre-scheduled weblog posts, I will already have taken said flight by the time you’re reading this, and I hope you won’t mind me keeping this place ticking over whilst I’m abroad via the series of posts showing off some of my ever-growing stash of those immaculate green hipsters of the pulp fiction bookshelf, Penguin Crime paperbacks. Normal service to resume shortly.

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