Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Contest Winners!

Well, the results are in from our fifth anniversary competition bonanza, and first off I feel I must apologise for making the questions so damn difficult. (I suppose it's quite hard to judge these things when you already know the answers?)

Nonetheless though, we have a winner, and Christopher Trowell of London came through just before the deadline with a frankly astonishing 6 out of 8 screen-grabs correctly identified! A veritable cornucopia of prizes are on their way to him. Volker C. Steiber of Winston-Salem, NC took second place with 2/8, which gives you some idea of the spread of scores received (sorry again). Some nice stuff is in the post to him too.

Thanks to both of them and to everyone who took part, and, to end the frustrations of anyone still racking their brains trying to place these mysterious images, answers are as follows;

03: Privilege (1967)

04: Devils of Darkness (1965)

06: Nightbirds (1968)

08:Wild Guitar (1962)


vwstieber said...

It was a great contest! Thank you for doing it!

I'm embarrassed that I did not get BRIDES OF FU MANCHU. I've watched it, and even after seeing the answer, I STILL don't remember that scene. Is it my memory, or is it the film? Maybe I shouldn't have watched all 5 Fu Manchus in rapid succession.

--Volker Stieber

Ben said...

Thanks Volker!

Yeah, I think that screen-grab comes from the early, London-set part of the film, and the newspaper board refers to the kidnapping of the scientist's daughter... not very memorable, I'll grant you.

More Fu Manchu coming up on this blog VERY SOON, funnily enough...

vwstieber said...

My favorites of the five Chris Lee FU MANCHU films are the first (which is a fun old-school adventure) and, strangely enough, Jess Franco's BLOOD OF FU MANCHU, which at times has more of an Italo-Western vibe, and is photographed much like his other jungle films from the period--I cannot put into words why I like it, but I do. But then I like THE DEVIL CAME FROM AKASAVA & X312: FLIGHT FROM HELL.

I just finished the German Fu Manchu film book: http://www.amazon.de/Dr-Fu-Manchu-Kriminalfilm-Band/dp/394262124X

Not the best book of the series (Vol. 1: Edgar Wallace being the best by a long shot), but it has lots of nice stills and posters, including some large fold-outs. For the price, it's certainly worth getting.

Sounds like the world will hear from your blog again ;)