Thursday, 8 August 2013

Nippon Horror Interlude:
Yokai Smoke.

 One of the best birthday presents I received this year was this set of authentic ‘Yokai Smoke’s. Apparently still available from shabbier newsagents and sweet shops in Tokyo, and featuring wonderfully vivid pop/folk-art style renderings of Japan’s legions of Yokai monsters, the reverse of each of these printed postcards bears a sticky strip of gum. By holding your thumb and forefinger against this strip, then rubbing them together, a small plume of smoke is created, rising magically from your hand to the amazement of, well… anyone who’s not seen any Yokai Smoke before, presumably.  

(Once again, I must thank Satori for this one.)


Drew Grimm Van Ess said...

That's awesome! I like those kinds of things. I just stumbled upon your page and I gotta say, I love this site. This is a step above others that I follow. Well done, keep up the great work.

I just followed your site. If you wanna chat horror films, swing by my page.

Ben said...

Thanks Grimm - that's much appreciated!

Your site looks like a good read... I'll be sure to pop over and check it out more thoroughly if I get any quiet moments in work this week...