Monday, 11 March 2013

The Net – Edward S. Aarons
(Macfadden, 1969)

I like the artwork on this one, and the bright colours. 
I’m easily pleased.


Anonymous said...

The favourite crime pulp paperback I've read is 'Mugger' by Spanish John (a pseudonym I presume). Think it was published by Ace, prob around 1968. A seemingly factual account of Spanish John's life of crime, in the same vein as William S Burroughs' 'Junky'. Superb nihilism!

Ben said...

Thanks for the recommendation - sounds great, I'll look out for it - I love a good bit of "pulp non-fiction".

Wonder if 'Spanish John' ever met 'Spanish Tony'?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "Spanish Tony" Sanchez and the Stones. What a scene. There's a copy of 'Mugger' on for £4.50.

limestone hoods said...
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