Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Corpse – Carter Brown
( (Signet, 1958)

Pretty standard stuff in pretty poor shape. Robert Mcginnis artwork, but not one of his best I feel (bit of a gloomy colour palette, etc). That “cool jazz and hot corpses” line is a classic though. In fact, the potential for some beatnik content even puts it in my ‘to-read-sometime’ pile.

(I always think the typography and design on these Carter Brown books looks kinda modern for the ‘50s… no other date to be found anywhere, but anyone who actually knows about this stuff reckon this might be a reprint from a later date?)

Damn this guy knew how to name a book. Predictably, I vote ‘Walk Softly, Witch’ and ‘Who Killed Dr Sex?’ as favourites.

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