Monday, 8 October 2012

Ritual Magic
by Francis King

(New English Library, 1972)

(cover uncredited)

You wouldn’t believe how much authentic ‘70s witch-smut books go for these days. I jumped for joy when I found a stash of them on my last visit to Hay On Wye, but my enthusiasm faded when I opened the front covers and saw the double figure price tags.

I was under the impression that the market for these things in the UK consisted of me, about six other pale and reclusive bloggers and the bloke from Electric Wizard, but maybe I under-estimated their appeal.

Anyway, this one went for a slightly more reasonable £3.95 – presumably because there are no boobs on the front and no illustrations within, but I like it all the same.

Some great band name / concept album inspiration to found on the contents page:

You’ll be happy to hear that Francis King also contributed a volume on ‘Sexuality, Magic and Perversion’ to the New English Library occult series. Well, I mean, of course he did. God bless you NEL.


Malte said...

Sounds amazing. "Later Crowleyan Derivatives" would be a great name for an art-rock band.

Ben said...

I actually had my eye on "Dr Felkin's Astral Junkies"... I mean, personally I wouldn't go there, but some inscrutable jam band from the middle of nowhere probably should.