Thursday, 25 October 2012

Behind the Fear:
The Fifth Annual Stereo Sanctity / Breakfast in the Ruins
Halloween mix CD

(Cross-posted with Stereo Sanctity.)

Well, it’s that time of the year again – I’m sure you know the routine by now.

This time round, I’ve let Roky, The Cramps and The Misfits take a well-earned rest, and have instead found myself assembling a slightly more.. irregular set of all-hallows tuneage, I suppose. Not even spooky instro stalwarts The Ventures get a look in come to think of it, although there’s always room for Ennio. Aside from him though, Halloween comp debuts all round I think. As ever, I’ve tweaked the track-list for what I hope is a enjoyably cohesive listening experience, so try to make it through in one sitting… if you dare, etc etc. Things get a bit weird and grizzly towards the end, but then, what good horror movie doesn’t?

Motion pictures represented through music and sounds herein include: Door To Silence, Andhera / Darwaza, Phantasm, The Velvet Vampire, Fascination, Lizard in a Woman’s Skin and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowlarama.


1. Lucio Fulci / Franco Piana – Lucio’s message to his fans
2. Gravity Craze – Song for M
3. Los Shains – El Monstruo
4. Bintangs – Demons
5. Gatekeeper – Chains
6. Depth Charge – Dead by Dawn
7. (undertaker)
8. Apache Dropout – Lady Blood
9. Sonik Omi – Main Theme from Andhera / Darwaza
10. Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave – Mineshaft Chase
11. The Frantics – The Werewolf
12. The Nixe – Man Under My Bed
13. Purling Hiss – The Hoodoo
14. Koko Taylor – Voodoo Woman
15. (mummy)
16. Ennio Morricone – Giorno Di Notte
17. The Fall – A Figure Walks
18. Greg Stone - ‘Here in the Darkness’
19. Philippe D’Aram – Bizarre Cult 2
20. The Shadow Ring – Cape of Seaweed
21. The Caretaker – Malign Forces of the Occult
22. Rameses – Witchampton
23. Mayhem – Necrolust
24. Philippe D’Aram – Apparition Du Chateau
25. Lum Hatcher – Behind the Fear


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