Friday, 13 April 2012


Well, I'm back from Japan.

You can see & read about some stuff I did there here, if yr interested.

Meanwhile, just thought I'd drop a quick heads up for any UK residents, to let you know that Alex Cox's 'Repo Chick' will be available to watch for two more days on the BBC iplayer.

I just watched it, and to my surprise I thought it was really great! I guess some people might be put off in advance by the broad satire, bright colours and lo-fi special effects, but I feel their opinion should probably be disregarded. That stuff all sat real well with me, and the wayward/imaginative script, fast-moving, goofy tone and great ensemble acting from the cast all helped bring it home. Best Alex Cox movie in years in fact, and I'd love to see it get some wider distribution/recognition. High five to Mr. Cox for pulling the whole thing off so well, and kudos to the BBC for giving a whirl too.

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