Saturday, 29 October 2011

Thee Fourth Annual Stereo Sanctity / Breakfast in the Ruins
Halloween Mix Tape.

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Well I could hardly yet this much loved (by me at least) blogging tradition slip, could I? No further explanation needed, I hope.

Accidental themes that emerged whilst compiling this year’s Samhain offering: (i) a general preoccupation with zombies, voodoo and the like; (ii) a slight shift away from fun pop tunes toward more genuinely creepy atmospherics and hair-raising metal nastiness (although there’s still some great examples of the former too); (iii) the first volume in this series with no Ramones.

So without further ado…


1.“welcome to the castle”
2.The Misfits - Skulls
3.Cheater Slicks – Night of the Sadist
4.The Recedents – Zombie Bloodbath on the Isle of Dogs
5.Drunks With Guns - Zombie
6.Destroy All Monsters – You’re Gonna Die
7.Claudio Simonetti – Demons
8.German Measles – Olivia’s Eyes
9.Nile – The Nameless City of the Accursed
10.Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel – I Spent the Night in the Wax Museum
11.The Ventures – The Bat
12.Curse – Killer Bees
13.Bruno Nicolai – Funeral Striptease
14.“exorcising a curse”
15.Swamp Witch – Emerald Serpent
16.Anaal Nathrakh – Carnage
17.The Girls At Dawn – Evil One
18.Mater Suspiria Vision – The Ring
19.“god at the crossroads”
20.LA Vampires & Zola Jesus – No No No
21.The Wee Four – Weird
22.Black Time – I’m Gonna Haunt You When You’re Gone
23.Exuma – Dambala
24.“home for tea”
25.Roky Erickson & The Explosives – I Walked With a Zombie

(N.B. – In case anyone wants to turn this into an actual, physical CD, I’ve enclosed some printable artwork in the .zip file – just send the enclosed .jpg to print as a landscape A4, and bob’s yr uncle.)

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Melvillain said...

Really great mix. Thank you.