Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A Legend is Born.

I thought I was hallucinating when I followed the link from VHShitfest this morning, but no, it’s for real.

Behold: VHSflix.

A defiantly luddite alternative to the likes of Netflix, the man (I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume it’s a man) behind this service will take your requests for ANY motion picture – including recent movies that have never been issued on VHS – and will send you a copy on VHS, complete with DIY felt-tip cover art.

Furthermore, you don’t need to bother to return your ‘rentals’, because, and I quote: “I’ve got a million of these things lying around. Seriously, I think this could be a fire hazard”.

Additionally, the VHSflix man says he will insert a few seconds of Bill Murray into every movie, “whether you like it or not”. Correctly guess which film the Bill Murray footage is taken from, and your next ‘rental’ is free.

Living as I do outside of the USA, I’m sadly unable to take advantage of this unique service (just like the real Netflix), but still – this is exactly the kind of gloriously retrogressive, anti-commercial, probably illegal and borderline insane business venture that I think we should do everything in our power to reward and encourage in these dark days. I hereby award VHSflix the first ever Breakfast In The Ruins Award For Industry, and will be collecting donations to send him/them/whatever an affordably priced gold-plated object of some kind to commemorate this honour.


Kev D. said...

Holy shit. Words can't describe how I am feeling... I will email a title in, but who knows if I will ever get it.

I'll let you know.

Tom Farris said...

Thanks for the great write up!

JohnBem said...

This is glorious and I will avail myself of the service. Thank you Ben!

Anonymous said...

Tom Farris is the man, and VHSFlix rocks! I got my original "rental" and my Bill Murray Bonus VHS is on the way!