Sunday, 27 March 2011

Paperback Gallery.

None of these are 'pulp' exactly, but nonetheless I thought I'd share with you a gallery of some of the neat vintage paperbacks I've acquired recently.

Usual rules apply: all found in second hand/charity shops or market stalls, all priced £3 or less except for 'Girl On The Motorcycle', for which I shelled out a bank-breaking £6.

All date from the '60s, except the Moocock one which is '71.


Robert Clear said...

No doubt the Michael Moorcock will turn out to be a good buy. I love those old cover illustrations (especially the one for The Singing Citadel).

Gregor said...

The Hiroshige style waves/tentacles on the Moorcock reminds me of a horror anthology I have someplace which has all the 60s cliches: nudity, blood, spiders etc. and then in the centre a Boschian horse skull. Seems that classical references were a kind of Cri de Coeur for 60s/70s pulp fiction illustrators.